In the first session, Tui will help you to clarify what your career needs and goals are for Career Coaching. You might be seeking practical support to find and apply for the jobs you want, Or Interview Coaching to raise your confidence and preparation, Or you may want to focus on how to progress and develop your career. 


Tui uses an online career system known as Intelligent Careers (ICCS®) which can be used with clients at any stage of the career journey. The ICCS® career development process builds on the uniqueness of a person's career situation.  Key themes are identified highlighting what's most important and these themes create a focus for action planning. 

Whatever your career needs are, Tui will facilitate a meaningful process. She has the skills, tools and resources to assist you. Tui's qualifications include a Master of Career Development (AUT), Licensed Career Consultant (ICCS® ), Myers & Briggs Certified (MBTI) and Strong Interest Inventory-Certified (SII).


Email, message or talk to Tui about your career coaching needs. 

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