I've worked in the careers industry for 20 years and with a wide range of clients and client groups.


My experience includes time in private career practice, and work in tertiary education, government and corporate sectors.


The majority of my recent working life has been in private practice. I've also worked as Career Centre Manager for Wintec and as a Career Consultant for Careers New Zealand.


My qualifications include:

  • Master of Career Development, AUT

  • 15 Years of Professional Membership, CDANZ

  • Licensed Consultant & Trainer of ICCS®

  • MBTI Certified, CPPAP Ltd

What you can expect
  • Relevant career qualifications

  • 15 Years of professional membership with CDANZ

  • Depth of career knowledge  & expertise

  • Stay abreast of careers and labour market changes

  • Facilitate a positive and insightful experience

  • Acknowledge the holistic way people live and learn

  • Generous in spirit and positive in action

  • Respond creatively and concretely to diverse needs

  • Endear habits that endorse community responsibility